Frequently Asked Questions


I lost my card - what should I do?

During business hours (Monday-Friday 8:45+ am-5:00 pm) stop by The Service Point in New South, A Floor to get a new card.

During off hours:

1) deactivate your card online

2) You may also request a replacement card using our TigerCard Request Form.

If you cannot stop by right away, call us at 609-258-8300 so we can suspend your card. Temporary access cards are also available from Public Safety.

Is there a fee for replacing my TigerCard?

Yes, there is a $15 replacement fee for replacing your TigerCard. You can pay by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or charge to your student account.

I replaced my card but then found my old card. Which one should I use?

The new card is the only card you should use. You are not able to re-activate old cards once they have been replaced.

Do I have to come to the TigerCard Services office to pick up my replacement card?

Yes, for security reasons we are not able to mail TigerCards. Replacement cards can be picked up at The Service Point.

How do I get a new validation sticker?

As of Fall 2020 Validation stickers will no longer be distributed and no longer needed on TigerCards

How do I update a family member card?

For all students, faculty and staff with a printed expiration date, please bring expired family cards for renewal when updating personal card. If your card has already been updated, your family member can visit the office with your updated card to update their family card.

Where can I use my TigerCard?

Click here for a complete listing.

Can I punch a hole in my TigerCard?

Please do not punch a hole in your TigerCard. It is easy to ruin the card by punching a hole or altering it in any way. We recommend using a card holder with a key hook if you want to attach to your keys.

Can I get a card for my spouse/partner?

Yes, apply online here. Please note some restrictions apply.

I am a casual employee - can I get a TigerCard?

Yes, Casual employees are now eligible for Casual cards for time collection and building access needs.

I am retiring from Princeton. Do I retain my card privileges? How about my spouse or partner?

Employees who retire with benefits from Princeton retain their card privileges and so do their spouses or partners.  

Can I let someone borrow my card?

No, rights and privileges associated with the card are non-transferable.

What if I find someone else's card?

If you find someone else's card, be sure to return it to The Service Point or Public Safety. Attempting to use a lost and/or stolen card for any purpose will be considered theft.



Paw Points

What are Paw Points?
The Paw Points program allows you to add money to your TigerCard (University I.D.) to be used at various locations around campus.
What are the advantages of using Paw Points?
First, the Paw Points program is a great budgeting tool. By placing money on your card you can set aside the funds you will need to buy tickets, food, Princeton University apparel, photo copies and more. Secondly, keeping cash on your TigerCard is a safe way to have money to use around campus without carrying cash.
Do my Paw Points expire?
Paw Points do not expire. A cardholder may request a refund of their remaining balance upon leaving the University.
I am graduating and have a balance still on my card. Can I get a refund?
For graduating students, any remaining balance of Paw Points will automatically be applied to the students’ account bill at the end of the school year.
I do not have a permanent U.S. SSN. How do I find out what number to use?

Please contact The Service Point at 609-258-8300. 



Online Account Management

How can I check my account online?
Everyone should first register by selecting the online account link. After you register you can easily log on to check your meal plans and Paw Point balances. A link to managing your account online is provided on every page of this website.
I forgot my online password - what should I do?
Under the “Sign In” section, click on "I need help with my Login". Follow the instruction in the pop-up window. Your password will be emailed to the address on record.
How can I make deposits online?
Log into your account to buy Paw Points or manage your account. On the left hand side navigation select "MAKE A DEPOSIT" and follow the prompts to make a deposit or create an automatic deposits.
How do I turn off my Automatic Deposit?
Log into your account and select from the right hand side navigation under the Personalize menu, "Automatic Deposits". Click "I Agree" to the Terms and Conditions. Unselect the account and click on SAVE.
How do I turn off my Low Balance email notification?
Log into your account and select from the right hand side navigation under the Personalize menu, "Low Balance Warning". Unselect the account and click on SAVE.



Building Access

How can I get access to a building?

Contact the Building Access Coordinator (BAC) in your building or Department Access Facilitator (DAF) in your department to request access permissions.

How do I know if my card is not working properly for building access?

Place your card near the door reader and listen for a ‘beep’. If you hear a ‘beep’, look at the lights on the reader. An AMBER (steady/momentary) light means you do not have access to that door. If you do not hear a ‘beep’ or think you should have access to the door, contact TigerCard Services during normal office hours.

What do I do if my card doesn't work in my building?

Please contact The Service Point at 609-258-8300 during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:45 am-5:00 pm).

What if the reader light is slowly flashing GREEN and RED when I get to the door?

The door should be unlocked, open it and walk in. If the door will not open contact The Service Point during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:45 am-5:00 pm) at 258-8300. During non office hours please contact Public Safety at 258-1000.

Can I access any building at the University?

No, your card will only give you access to buildings assigned to you based on your housing or job affiliation.