Departmental Affiliates

The University provides Department Affiliate Cards to support the scholarly work of the spouses and partners of Princeton faculty. A Department Affiliate card may not be issued to individuals who receive remuneration or reimbursement or will be compensated in any way, and thus it does not imply employment by Princeton University.

Department Affiliate cards are issued on an annual basis upon the request of a sponsoring department or program. They must be renewed each year. Department Affiliate cards serve as the campus identification card for the Affiliate and provides access to the following services:

  • Princeton NetID and email account
  • Building access where appropriate
  • Access to the University Library. The bearer of a Department Affiliate card is eligible for all library services, including borrowing, using interlibrary loan, and using electronic information resources to which access is limited, by licensing agreement, to members of the Princeton University community
  • Parking permit for Lot 21
  • Ability to purchase Dillon Gym Pass at alumni rate
  • Ability to purchase Paw Points
  • An office when one is available
  • A University computer

Department Affiliates are customarily permitted to participate in the academic community of Princeton University under the following terms and conditions. Department Affiliates are required to follow the University’s general rules of conduct as defined in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities ( and, to the fullest extent possible, the University’s guidelines
governing academic freedom and the use and ownership of intellectual property as defined in The Guide
to Intellectual Property at Princeton University (
Department Affiliates must accept full legal responsibility for their conduct while at the University.
Princeton reserves the right to withdraw Department Affiliate status should these terms and conditions not be met.

Sponsoring a Department Affiliate is a serious responsibility. The Department submission application indicates his or her assurance that the Department Affiliate will not engage in activities contrary to the mission of Princeton University. Additionally, the sponsoring department is responsible for any unpaid balances, such as library or parking fines.

You may request a Department Affiliate card by completing a TigerCard Request Form.