Family Cards

Spouses, domestic partners and children (under 23 years of age) of University employees and students are eligible for a TigerCard card. Please note: Affiliate cardholders are not eligible to apply for family/partner ID cards. There is a $10 charge (cash, check or Visa/Mastercard) per card for spouses, domestic partners and children.

Family Card Instructions for Students, Faculty, and Staff: Complete the online application form, then bring the appropriate form of ID from the list below to TigerCard Service, Transportation and Parking Services with payment ($10 per card), TigerCard of the University employee/student, and the appropriate form of ID from the list below. 

Accepted Forms of ID for Spouse, Domestic Partner, or Child

For a spouse:

  • Marriage certificate; or
  • Copy of the most recently filed Federal Income tax return (Form 1040) containing joint marital filing status information.

For a domestic partner:

  • Copy of a joint bank account statement or a voided check with both parties names listed;
  • Copy of a deed, mortgage agreement, or lease signed by both parties, or other proof of real property held in common;
  • Proof that the parties are pension beneficiaries of one another or are primary beneficiaries of life insurance coverage of one another (other than coverage provided by Princeton University);or
  • An Affidavit of Domestic Partnership NOTE: A qualifying domestic partnership agreement is a legally binding agreement between two individuals creating personal and financial interdependence (i.e., joint and several liability for each others' debts and expenses; responsibility for mutual care).

For a dependent child

  • Copy of a birth certificate for a dependent child; or
  • Copy of the most recently filed Federal Income tax return (Form 1040) containing dependent status information;
  • Children over the age of 23 (or 25 with college enrollment status) are no longer eligible for a family TigerCard.

Validation Stickers: Students, faculty, and staff may request validation stickers for their family members by emailing in October. The validation sticker(s) will be sent to the student, faculty or staff member by campus mail.