Family Cards

Spouses, domestic partners and children (under 23 years of age) of University employees and students, and surviving spouses of an employee who died while actively employed are eligible for a TigerCard card. Please note: Affiliate and casual employee cardholders are not eligible to apply for family/partner ID cards. There is a $10 charge (cash, check or Visa/Mastercard) per card for spouses, domestic partners and children.

Family Card Instructions for Students, Faculty, and Staff: Complete the online application form, then bring the appropriate form of ID from the list below to TigerCard Service, Transportation and Parking Services with payment ($10 per card), TigerCard of the University employee/student, and the appropriate form of ID from the list below. 

Accepted Forms of ID for Spouse, Domestic Partner, or Child

For a spouse:

  • Marriage certificate; or
  • Copy of the most recently filed Federal Income tax return (Form 1040) containing joint marital filing status information.

For a domestic partner:

  • Copy of a joint bank account statement or a voided check with both parties names listed;
  • Copy of a deed, mortgage agreement, or lease signed by both parties, or other proof of real property held in common;
  • Proof that the parties are pension beneficiaries of one another or are primary beneficiaries of life insurance coverage of one another (other than coverage provided by Princeton University);or
  • An Affidavit of Domestic Partnership NOTE: A qualifying domestic partnership agreement is a legally binding agreement between two individuals creating personal and financial interdependence (i.e., joint and several liability for each others' debts and expenses; responsibility for mutual care).

For a dependent child

  • Copy of a birth certificate for a dependent child; or
  • Copy of the most recently filed Federal Income tax return (Form 1040) containing dependent status information;
  • Children over the age of 23 (or 25 with college enrollment status) are no longer eligible for a family TigerCard.

Validation Stickers: Effective Fall of 2020 Validation Stickers are no longer being used to validate TigerCards.

For all students, faculty and staff with a printed expiration date, please bring expired family cards for renewal when updating personal card. If your card has already been updated, your family member can visit the office with your updated card to update their family card.