Paw Points Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall govern the use and administration of Paw Points issued to any member of the Princeton University community (the “Holder”):

  1. Points are generally available immediately after deposit, although there may be network delays when points are added through the Online Store. There is a minimum $5.00 deposit required for adding points through the Online Store.
  2. No minimum balance is required.
  3. Princeton University reserves the right to apply a maximum limit to the accumulated balance on any individual account on a case by case basis.
  4. No interest or other earnings will be paid or credited to the Holder.
  5. The Holder must present his or her TigerCard at the time of transaction in order to use the points account.  The TigerCard is non-transferable and, except as provided below, the Holder is responsible for purchases made and debited to the TigerCard.
  6. If a TigerCard is lost or stolen, the Holder is responsible for no more than $25 in unauthorized card purchases provided the TigerCard is reported as lost or stolen to the TigerCard Office within two business days after the Holder learns of the loss or theft.  Reports must be made by email ([email protected]) , by phone (8-8300), or Online select the “Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card” from the pull down option menu.
  7. Disputes over improperly charged transactions must be resolved through the vendor.  All other errors or problems should be brought to the attention of the TigerCard Services.
  8. The Holder shall be responsible for any over drafts that may occur.
  9. The Holder’s point accounts will be terminated when the Holder ceases to be affiliated with Princeton University.  At that time, the TigerCard Services, Transportation and Parking Services will refund any funds remaining upon request.
  10. Princeton may modify the terms and conditions on fourteen (14) calendar days prior notice, during which time the Holder may terminate his/her account without incurring an administrative processing fee.  If the holder does not close his/her account within that period, the Holder shall be bound by the new terms and conditions.
  11. Princeton University may terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason provided that Princeton refunds all funds remaining in the account..